What Exactly Is Management Theory?

by Clay on Jul 15, 2010

As companies try to generate greater productivity out of the workforce maximizing profitability while keeping costs low, much research has been conducted about the proper way to manage organizations and people. This subject has become so popular that it has branched into its own field of study and is now commonly referred to as management theory. There are many different theories that have resulted ranging from Top Quality Management, to Six Sigma, however one thing remains clear, there is no clear cut path to successful management.

Certain qualities or themes in the vast array of management theories have surfaced. A couple of them have been recognized as key attributes to a successful manager or organization and include qualities like a strong cohesive management group, organization built on a common culture, and effective time management. Each of these qualities has important implications for the workforce and can greatly enhance employees’ perception of their boss and organization as a whole.

Everybody needs a leader; a person they can look up to and know has the ultimate say for the vision and direction of the company, project, or product they are working on. Often time, this person takes the form of a Chief Executive Officer, more commonly referred to as a CEO. This person is responsible for creating a management team unified in purpose standing together to reach a common vision.

Also, the leader is responsible for creating a common fiber that binds the people on a team, project, or organization together. This is often referred to as building a common company culture. The culture in a group can range from a wide range of possibilities, but it is imperative that people in the group agree with and understand the culture that they are embracing helping to unify and motivate the work force.

An essential skill which is difficult for many people to master is time mastery. There are various programs, lectures, and tools to assist in this critical field, but often requires people to simply prioritize their tasks and work effectively on those things that matter most. For people to be successful in this area, it is important that management recognize that only value-added activities should be pursued and time wasters creating minimal benefit to the group or organization need to be minimized or eradicated completely.

Management Theory is an evolving field where new insights are being made every day. One thing remains clear, although the clear path to become a great manager is not known, there are attributes and skills that make some people better managers than others. With time, effort, and some persistence, people can greatly increase their capacity to become great managers, and ultimately, effective leaders.

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